Let's Get Started

The Process

1. 20-minute Complimentary Phone or Zoom Consultation

We will set up a time to speak so I have a clearer idea of what your wants, needs, priorities, goals, and challenges are. Let's kick-start your home decluttering. 

Call me at 914-409-6752

2.  Schedule a Time to Start

We will schedule a time for us to start.  As we work together, I will provide helpful maintenance tips, product recommendations, and suggestions as your space transforms. This is a collaborative process in which your specific needs, wants, preferences, and styles act as my guide. Each client, situation, and project are unique and I provide a completely customized approach to working with every client.


Compliments From Clients

“Leigh not only de-cluttered me when I moved from a big house to a condo, but her calming authoritative non-bossy style made a stressful task pleasurable. Thank you, De-clutter me, Leigh!”           - Shari S.

" Leigh's insight and organizational  skills, and demeanor were top notch. She made a dreaded task, more than  tolerable. Highly recommend De-Clutter Me, Leigh!!!"  - Chris M.

"Leigh  helped "de-clutter me"! She really took time to listen and ask questions about what I needed and what was important to me. It's more  than a business for Leigh. It's a labor of love. I now have more space and really enjoy my home. I have no reservations with recommending her  to others."  -  Lynn W.

“Leigh is extremely helpful. Really understood the job and is doing an excellent work. I will continue to use Leigh."  - Marsha J.

 "Leigh is straightforward and no-nonsense, friendly but professional. She isn't pushy - she'll help you decide what to eliminate, but she'll also help you find an orderly way to keep what you need to keep. After checking out various organizers online I was a bit concerned that I would be subjected to some motivational psychobabble... Not to worry! But she does have plenty of helpful information to share if you ask. Extremely effective and a real pleasure to work with."  - Fred C.

"Leigh is a G-d sent. The cleansing  feeling is so mentally freeing. I was disorganized and totally  overwhelmed with stuff. I was saving things that "cost money" just in  case I might need it someday or wanted to give to someone. Leigh helped  me realize that if I didn't love it, it's value was no longer relevant.  We started off with just one area inside my house and are weekly  tackling areas inside and out! Leigh is a pleasure to be around and  totally trustworthy. Also she had the patience of a saint and overall is  a very sensible, smart working business woman who can help you too!"  - Cindy C.


"Leigh was just what we needed. She helped us clear out and organize a family house we inherited including sorting through decades of items. She helped us donate and recycle items to the appropriate places and filled her car to help us haul things away. She was sensitive to our wishes and we would definitely hire Leigh again."  - Ellen P.         

"In April of 2018 I found myself in a situation that I was unsure of the direction to go in, my dad  had passed and i was tasked with preparing and putting his house on the market. The big problem is I live and work in Ohio and the house is in New York in an area I knew very little about.  Soon after securing a realtor I was given Leigh's number and I can not begin to tell you how amazing she is, she was truly my lifesaver.  Leigh came out to see the house, told me what she could do to help  prepare the house for the market, in that visit I knew I was in good hands and that my worries were over.  Leigh not only staged the house, but she went above and beyond to make sure trash was removed, volunteer groups were able to gain access to the house to pick up items being donated, any services I needed she knew where to direct me.  The house went on the market and was in contract the next day, I strongly believe Leigh’s hard work in staging the house played a huge part in the whole process.  I highly recommend Leigh and promise that you won’t be sorry, she’s amazing."  - Marlana M.

“Leigh really made sense of her phrase "less is more". I had great difficulty disposing of some items that I really wanted to hang on to, but Leigh wholeheartedly convinced me that these items had no real purpose in my life and that the only thing they were good for was taking up valuable space. There were a few items that she said would be a good idea to keep for sentimental reasons like my mothers rocking chair that she used to rock me to sleep when I was a young child! I especially loved her phrase "everything has its place and if it doesn't, then its place is in the garbage or goodwill. My apartment is now roomy and free of clutter. Best of all, I know where everything is. I could not be happier with the outstanding organizing Leigh did for me! I promise, you won't be disappointed."           - Lenny B.

“Efficient, on time and a pleasure to work with. We will use her in the future.” - Mrs. C.