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Why Leigh?


  • You don't have the time, energy or inclination to tackle the spare room, attic, cellar or that whatever space, on your own;
  • You are about to sell your house, and you need to clear the clutter before your property goes on the market;
  • You feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do at home and/or at work;
  • You have domestic circumstances that have changed due to divorce, bereavement, children moving out, others moving in;
  • Your office that isn't working efficiently and you need to clear out your files, and set up systems that work;
  • You are experiencing the overwhelming chaos of being a new parent;

I provide a range of services tailored to both the home and business  environment and I'm always keen to take on new challenges.

My Process To Get Started

1. 30-minute Complimentary Phone Consultation

I will talk with you to get a clearer idea of what your wants, needs and challenges are.  This is also a good opportunity to answer any initial questions that you may have. 

2.  In-Home (or office) Assessment

During this in-person meeting we will dive deeper into your specific wants and needs and give me an opportunity to learn more about how you live and work.  This combined information will help me to better understand your strengths to create systems to help you stay organized.  My goal, at the end of our meeting is to have a clear picture of what needs to be done and what are your priorities.  Within a few days I will provide an estimate outlining your goals, the approximate number of  hours it will take, a budget and a proposed plan of action.

3.  Schedule a Time to Start

After I receive your signed client agreement, we will schedule a time for me to start.  As we work together, I will provide helpful maintenance tips and suggestions as your space transforms. 

This is a collaborative process in which your specific needs, wants, preferences, and styles act as my guide. Each client, situation, and project are unique and I provide a completely customized approach to working with every client.

Click here to view a sample of my client agreement .

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Organize & De-Clutter Your Spaces, Organize & De-Clutter Your Life